Looking for Great Guitar Lessons in Syracuse? Let Us Introduce You to a Great Hobby!

Making music with the guitar is fun & with the proper guidance you will progress sooner rather than later.

For the past 19 years we have helped hundreds of guitar students reach & surpass their goals with our simple & effective step-by-step method.

Accelerate your progress by learning a fun skill from competent & caring professionals.

All ages & level of ability welcome!

Learn how to:

- Play your favorite tunes!
- Rip up lead guitar!
- Improvise in any key and actually sound good!
- Understand how your gear works!
- Perform live!
- Play fingerstyle or with a pick equally well!

Learn the fundamentals of music:
- Sight Reading Music, Tabs, Charts & Lead Sheet Formats
- Proper Technique
- Ear Training
- Harmony
- Improvisation

Offering private lessons in:
- Beginning Guitar 101 (acoustic or electric)
- Blues
- Classical (private or group)
- Folk
- Rock
- Metal

* Lessons & Classes Forming Monthly *
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